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Training Rates

Japan 1337

Bujinkan Hutch Dojo’s Training Rates

**The Bujinkan Hutch dojo is Now offering Free classes for the 1st month that the New student starts their training!**

*Please Note: A clear criminal record check is required by all students*

*All students are expected to purchase necessary training uniformĀ ( black gi consisting of jacket and pants.)Tabi optional.

Mandatory Memberships

Bujinkan Membership: $20.00/year (9th Kyu-4th Dan), $150.00/year (5th Dan & Greater)

Memberships will be purchased through Dai Shihan.

Class Rates

Drop in Rate: $25/ 1.5hr class

Bulk Class Purchase: perfect for the shift worker: can be used according to your availability!

Purchase 4-15 classes at a rate of $25/class + gst. Purchase 20+ classes at a rate of $20/class + gst.

Private classes are available upon request.